Barah Rana Smarak

In 16th Century, the ancestors of the warriors of Maharana Pratap settled at various places to preserve and retain their customs and culture from Mughal invasions. One such group of Barah Ranas settled in present Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand. They first settled in a village named ‘Mira Barah Rana’ and later settled in 12 villages each named after Barah Ranas. However, they constructed a small monument in the memory of their ancestors at Mira Barah Rana.

Seva Prakalp Sansthan has formed ‘Barah Rana Smarak Samiti’ and has initiated various projects under this Samiti for overall development of that area and especially ‘Tharu Janjati’ (Tharu Community). The projects running presently are:

  • Monument of Maharana Pratap - a large size Statue of Maharana Pratap is proposed to be installed and inaugurated on 28th February 2015 in a glittering function in presence of around one lakh people.
  • Maharana Pratap Museum - Museum is proposed to preserve identity of Tharu Community and preserving the weapons, clothes, instruments and other materials of them.
  • Hostel for tribal boys and their education – A hostel is already running for tribal boys and free hostel and education facilities are provided to them. To increase the capacity, the constructions work is also in progress.
  • Magnificent Temple of Lord Shiva – Shivling is installed in every house of Tharu community. They have faith in Lord Shiva. A magnificent temple of Lord Shiva has been constructed by the Samiti and is open for deity.
  • Gau-shala – Gau- shala (cow shelter) is proposed for development of various products from cow dung and its urine which is immensely useful.
  • Medicinal Plant farm – Medicinal Plant farming has been started.